Product Analysis

Pharmaceutical Product Analysis

Protein-based pharmaceutical products comply with the standard of analysis of ICH guild line and provide information to pharmaceutical companies for IND approval. With our own experience and unique techniques, we offer to high-quality analysis of a variety of proteins including biosimilar, bio-better, recombinant protein, toxins, or vaccine with low cost.

  • Technology: Since 2001, many hundreds of Biotech products have been analyzed by PROTEINWORKS.
    Our staff has many years of combined experience in mass spectrometry and proteomics.
    We have had many successful joint projects with research companies and universities throughout Korea. PROTEINWORKS is one of a handful of such service providers in Korea.
  • Value: Protein identification/Protein characterization prices include sample preparation, digestion, peptide extraction, Data interpretation, MALDI-TOF, Q-TOF data acquisition and data analysis (including automated NIH database search by software and data quality control by a human expert).
    PROTEINWORKS’ price is more affordable than other service groups.
  • Efficient: Protein identification is completed within three days after arrival.
    Protein characterization takes only one week per analyzed item after arrival.
    This is more favorable than other companies.

Food ingredient,
Cosmetics Analysis

Food ingredient, Cosmetics Analysis Service

Market strategies have been changed from conceptual marketing into technology & industry-based marketing since food and cosmetic industries advanced. Correspond to customer’s technical needs, we offer several services including effective component separation, separation of the indicator substance, refinement, or compound identification from natural products since 2012. Currently, we continuously provide satisfactory outcomes for many food and cosmetic companies by signing an MOU.

  • Technology : In many national research projects, we provide scientific proof of production goods. In addition, we have several research manuscripts and even patents in many fields from prolonged research activities. Particularly, we have many years of experience in “Edible Plants and Food Materials, Medicinal Plants, Fermented Broth and Bioconversion Material” field.
  • Price: We offer the lowest analysis cost. Try to get an estimate with consultation
  • Expertise: Our research team had experience in analysis of nature compounds from conglomerate for many years. Furthermore, we could find an answer from your problems with our scientific advisory board in America and Korea, .